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Multifandom RP
Welcome to Antares Town, an Alternate Universe, Multi-fandom, free-for-all RP! Antares is a mix of Journal, Thread and AIM/MSN-based roleplaying. We welcome crack and plot both equally. If you'd like to join- and we'd love you to- please read EVERYTHING below. :D

Antares was one of the first cities founded on this planet, almost five thousand years ago. It was one of the first where Caniks and Mages first converged, and the first city to be illuminated by both Magic and Technology. It is the glorious year of 1909; cars are getting better by the day, though the debate is still between engines using a combustion spell or the much more expensive combustion engine.

The one school in the city is known as Surlaw Academy. (Home to one of the strangest school mascots, the Wailing Walrus.)You start in this school at age 11, and you go for eight years. The first four years of schooling at Surlaw are dedicated to learning in general, learning both the Technology of the Caniks and the Magic of the Mages. In the fifth year, students split off and devote themselves to one type of study, either that or drop out and become a deadweight on society. Unless they should open a nice flower shop or something, who knows? For students coming from out-of-town, there are dorms available to live in on campus. They're not new and they're not pretty, but they're free.

Antares is also home to the only Speeder track in the country. Speeders are these horrible little vehicles that have been likened to flying engines with a seat. Unfortunately, that’s all they really are- an engine, a seat, some handlebars, and either an engine-enhanced hovering charm or some mechanical wing-and-propeller contraption. Either way, it goes fast. There are weekly races, constant practices runs and even a few tournoments sprinkled throughout the year. The Racers who guide their Speeders to victory have often graduated from Surlaw, it is one of the few fields that Caniks and Mages work in side-by-side.

layman's terms
Take London in 1909. (Mary Poppins-ish era.) Give it magic and technology that have advanced at the same pace. (Old time-y cars, semi-advanced magic.) Throw it on another planet, and make the racing of what are essentially giant mechanical bugs the national sport. Congratulations, you have Antares. Antares is an alternate universe and is not London, it is a different place entirely. It's only based on London town, which is alledgedly falling down.

Caniks are basically mechanics. They are very skilled and versed in all things technological.
Mages are wizards. They know the natural universe very well, and can use and create spells.

1. AU means Alternate Universe. Meaning, if you have a character who can use magic, he would probably be a mage, or training to be a mage in this world. Or, you can explore a different part of his character and make him into a Canik, and see how he functions without magic. Same goes for non-magic people. Alternate Universe is just that- ALTERNATE. Meaning, if you were to app Ichigo from BLEACH, don't app him as a Shinigami, as there is no Soul Society in this world. That's just an example. I play Syaoran here- he's still a member of the Li clan, yes, but he's not searching for the Clow Cards, as they don't exist in this world. He is a student who thinks he'd like to be a mage.
2. Also, AU does not mean OOC. Please, keep this in mind.
3. Generally, this place is PG-13. If it's not worksafe, put it behind an LJ-cut. That is all.
4. Godmodding is NOT COOL. Don't do it. You play who you've claimed, not anybody else.
5. Please be active! Nobody likes dead RPs. Please try and update once a week at the bare minimum. I'd love it if you updated twice a week.
6. The character limit is currently set at six characters. I promise (because people have known me to do so in the past) I won't break this limit myself, so I really hope you won't.
7. No chat speak, l337 speak or any of that nonsence out of character. In the character journals, it's fair game. In threads and AIM logs, we expect you to be literate.
8. If you decide to do plots that should involve rape/pregnancy/character death/etc, please run it by a mod. Chances in your favor that we won't deny you, we'd just like to know.
9. All sexualities are allowed, but keep it realistic.
10. Please refrain from fighting with other players. Fighting IC is fun and fine, but if you can avoid a clash with another player, please do so. We prefer to save the drama for your mama, your llama, or perhaps your duck. Thank you.
11. We may ask you to alter your character's special techniques. If they specialize in a spell that is called "WITH THIS I CAN TAKE OVER THE WORLD" expect a change. Promptly.
12. No original characters. Sorry.
13. In this world, there are such things as talking animals, werewolves, vampires and things of the like. However, should your character not be one of these in his or her original canon, please do not make them one in this universe.
14. Sorry, no Original Characters are allowed to apply at this time.

Rules are subject to change without notice. Direct any other questions at Katu, she's the one running this joint at the moment.

taken characters

Angel Sanctuary
Setsuna Mudou- m_setsuna
Played by homgsekrit

Yue Katou- katou_moon
Played by winter_ruins

Sakuya Kira- kind_liar
Played by good_odds

Rukia- elegant_tomboy
Played by good_odds

Card Captor Sakura
Syaoran Li- notjustswordguy
Played by fullmetalkatu
AIM: Perhaps A Walrus

Sakura Kinomoto- xxying_faxx
Played by mjwatson_parker

Code Lyoko

Cowboy Bebop
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV- wanderinged
Played by thestril

D. Gray-Man
Allen Walker- the_cursed_boy
Played by l_hanabishi_l

Naota Nandaba- normalguitar
Played by scorpio_kym

Haruko Haruhara- my_blue_guitar
Played by thestril

Fullmetal Alchemist
Edward Elric- fullmetalmage
Played by dragonalchemist

Harry Potter
Colin Creevy- creevy_stalker
Played by winter_ruins

Luna Lovegood- treasuredwit
Played by rinnington

Ginny Weasley- lucky_seventh
Played by good_odds

James Potter-speediest_racer
Played by winter_ruins

Remus Lupin- grayhaired
Played by fullmetalkatu

Severus Snape- fearofshampoo
Played by fullmetalkatu

Sirius Black- canikcanine
Played by rinnington

Jak & Daxter Series
Jak- circuitstar
Played by fullmetalkatu

Mighty Ducks
Nosedive Flashblade- the_divester
Played by scorpio_kym

Monstrous Regiment
Maladict- vampiremal
Played by rinnington

Brock- breederbrock
Played by rinnington

Teen Titans

Jeliza-Rose- sweethoneyrose
Played by scorpio_kym

Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle
Fay D. Flourite- blondebombspell
Played by alys_wonder

Kurogane- guard_puppy
Played by odditypist

Watanuki Kimihiro- spiritbait
Played by iambickilometer

how to apply
Check the taken characters list and if your desired character isn't taken, go here. There is a form waiting for you to fill it out. Also, please apply for fictional characters only. No real people. You can apply for Jack Sparrow, sure, but not Johnny Depp. After you're accepted, you can make a journal for your character to complain with and to post AIM logs and threads with. After you apply for your character and are accepted, join the main community and OOC community. Once you have done that, if you are a student at Surlaw, please see this post. If you have graduated, see this post instead.

antares_town- The Community for AIM Logs and Threads, also Mod Announcements
antares_ooc- The OOC Community. Keep all introductions and player announcements over here. Otherwise, I shall wash my hands of your weirdness. Or flog you, one of the two.
the_verbiage- Antares' #1 Newspaper!

Right now, it just looks like it's Katu.

Personal Journal: fullmetalkatu
E-Mail which is rarely checked: morewaysthanflame [at] yahoo [dot] com
AIM: Perhaps A Walrus